This website and network sprouted because there were many people who wanted to sew community masks, but they needed a way to connect with those who needed masks.

We are not sewing for medical staff or first responders. We are sewing for vulnerable populations and kids in our community. 

We are encouraging people to wear masks for extra protection for themselves and for employees especially when social distancing may be difficult to achieve. 


Of course, staying at home, washing hands and practicing social distancing are the most important factors.  

If you work with a vulnerable population and need masks, we will do our best to help you!


We would like to acknowledge the following people for helping us create this community face mask network:

Gail Gresham, Project Organizer

Stacy Hunt, CEO, Ecologistics, Los Osos

Robin Smith, Health and Harmony Media, Marketing & Website

Chris Toews, Attorney, Toews Law Group, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Ron Field, MD, Pediatrician

Consuelo Meux, Ph.D., CEO, Spokes, Resources for Nonprofits 


Thank you to:

Joan Bloomfield, fabric cutter

Victoria Carranza, fabric cutter

Susan Hogan, sewing

Donna Jones, sewing

Mimi Naish, sewing

Nancy Osran, sewing

Susan Robinson, sewing

Shirley Ritter, sewing

Robin Smith, sewing

Melany Spielman, fabric washing

Mary Uebersax and Earthtones Gifts in Paso Robles

Congregation Ohr Tzafon

and more "thanks" to come!

Face Masks for San Luis Obispo County