You can help in other ways, too!

We welcome anyone who can sew community masks!

They are very simple to sew. Please see the pattern and directions below.

We also need help with distributing the masks.


Thank you for volunteering!

Your masks (and skills) are needed!

Several face mask patterns are listed below. One is a fitted mask and the other is a folded mask, both are great for community masks. HOWEVER, you may be sewing another style and that's okay! We are all about connecting people in our community who need a mask with people who can sew a mask. 

Both patterns below meet the CDC guidelines.

Again, if you are already sewing a different style that meets the basic guidelines established by the CDC, that's great!

We just want to make it easier for people to have the protection they need when going to the grocery store or pharmacy. We also want to help protect the employees at essential businesses. We are all in this together!

Other Ways to Help

We also need help with picking-up and delivering materials or other activities associated with this effort.  Just register below and will let you know what opportunities are available.

Please register (below) to sew or help. We ask a few questions so we know how best to fit you into this amazing community effort. Thank you!


We will also work with you to receive payment for your supplies. We know how expensive fabric and elastic can be!

Folded Rectangle Mask Pattern 

This mask has a pocket opening for additional filtration material. However, it is okay to skip that step in order to simplify the process. Again, it still fits the CDC guidelines for a cloth mask for use in the community. 


You can use ties or elastic. If you do not have elastic, let us know and we'll get some to you!

Fitted Mask Pattern 

This pattern is being produced by Brooke-Ashley Pool and the volunteers at Service for SLO County. Here is the link for more information: 

Please Register to Sew or Help! 


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